It all started with a food blog.  "What a great idea!" we said.  Then Cook's all like, "We can do more with this."  All the while thinking about his DMing D&D and what he could do with that. The Manger then points out the problem.  "Blogger is not design for streams of post to various pages."  All the while thinking about who's going to do the actual managing. She continues, "The additional pages are static, not meant to be updated like the blog is."  But alas, here we are.  I, Manger, wanted to see if I could do it.  Besides, a lot of the managing (reviews, keeping track of recipes, so on) I am doing already.  I am the Manger after all.

The current rough result of my work, err Managing, is we now have an actual Den of sorts, though it does double as an entry hall.  Den just sounds better, more homey, comfortable, and relaxing.

Off to this side is the Kitchen, what started all this managing.  It is usually messy and has some amount of dishes waiting to be washed. (Is it just me or do they always seem to populate like rabbits?).   It is in the Kitchen where you will find the yummiest of yummy.  (No matter the mess, or dishes.). Will it be a cookie and some hot chocholate?  Or a breakfast croissant and a white mocha?

In the Library you will find all sorts of reading material.  Most is of the fiction sort, but we do have a section for craft, another with some college texts, and a third for gaming mostly Dungeons and Dragons.  The cookbooks can be found in the Kitchen.  (Where else would we put them?). The fiction ranges from Stephen King, to Mercedes Lackey, to Nora Roberts, to... Well, you get the point.

And, please, do curl in that comfy chair in front of that roaring fire with your treat and good book.

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